Martha A. Starr



Martha A. Starr


Prof. Martha A. Starr

Department of Economics, Kreeger Hall 118

American University

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20016

Telephone: 202.885.3747





Educational background:

PhD in Economics, Boston University


BA with First Class Honours, McGill University, Montreal



Professional experience:

American University, 2002-

Federal Reserve Board of Governors, 1992-2001

World Bank

U.S. Agency for International Development



Research interests:

Consumption, saving, wealth, inequality, household economic behavior

Healthcare, antitrust

Macroeconomics, business cycles, recessions

Social economics



Research and publications:

Research and publications



Editorial work:

Co-editor, Review of Social Economy, 2006-2013

Editorial board, Journal of Economic Issues, 2009-12

Editorial board, Journal of Pluralism and Economic Education




Past-president, Association for Social Economics


Executive director, International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics

Board of Directors, Eastern Economics Association




Other interests:

Art, music, literature, literary criticism, poetry, film, photography, philosophy, architecture, golden retrievers



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